splurge or score?

I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Finding something I love that doesn't have to cost an exorbitant amount of money. That is part of the philosophy of 'canvasstyle' ... style is where you find it, not how much you pay for it. 

Sometimes I splurge, most often I hunt. When I find something I love, something I have been coveting and it hasn't cost more than I feel comfortable paying, I am excited. I have even been know to jump up and down with delight in a store (you know who you are my friend who is probably reading this and witnessed the jumping).  It feels like a score. 

In that spirit I give you fall boots:

(psst: the splurges are Jill Sander $895 // Balenciaga $865 // Rag & Bone $495)

Maybe one of the 'scores' will make you jump for joy?  I hope so!


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