If you don't find me here daily lately, its because I am multi-tasking all over town. Summer is upon us as of today - XS K graduated from Kindergarten yesterday and Small K finishes 2nd grade today. That means class parties, end of year parties, and even birthday parties... XS K turns 6 today! 

Behind the scenes of the blog I am shooting all the photography and concepting the marketing of Canvas Interiors with Mr. K. We are looking at new adventures with the store including opening a 3rd location which we are very excited about (more on that later this summer).

If you've stopped by today thank you! If you stop by and don't find me here, you can find me on Instagram pretty much daily both for the blog and the store. On the days I am not blogging I am behind the camera shooting or pinning or instagraming or facebooking or tweeting.  Or perhaps even grocery shopping. That's a lot of 'ings'.  Just wanted to let you know where you can find me if not here. 

Today, here is a little perspective of an edit for Canvas Interiors - I love doing these collage exercises as it helps me envision where our collections are headed, how we can shape them and grow them.

Top row vibe: warm tones, middle row vibe: crisp white, bottom row vibe: grey and silver tones.
You can find more here: Canvas Interiors.  

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