Yesterday I went all over town looking for a delicious piece of marble for our kitchen 'refresh'.  More on that later... but the big news is I found it. I fell madly in love with 4 slabs. Some shy away from marble because it shows wear and tear but we are of the opposite mind. Wear and tear is a natural part of life in a busy household and a little patina is perfectly normal. When treated with basic care and feeding it works for us. 

We currently have a butcher block island top and I am going to switch it out to this little beauty (or one of the 3 slabs sitting behind it that I haven't seen yet):

This morning while cruising through RUE magazine I saw this image and know without a doubt that I fell for the right piece of marble.

I love it when what you see in your head comes to life on the pages of a magazine or blog. It gives me the extra push I need sometimes to stick to my initial vision and not second guess myself. When I freely follow my intuition I feel more grounded and at my best. Pretty deep thoughts for a post on marble right?!  

I do hope I provide a little of that inspiration for you here at canvasstyle as well. 

Have a lovely day!

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