I was at Canvas Interiors yesterday taking pictures and while I usually snap the new things that have arrived and new displays that have been magically put together by the amazing Design staff, yesterday what caught my eye were the firsts. The things that arrived to the floor when the paint was barely dry. 

For some reason they stood out to me as a reminder of the initial vision for our brand and for some reason they really made themselves present in my lens yesterday.  I have no idea why or how I got in that headspace but it was really nice to walk the floor and look at the first things we picked out when the store was a concept of millions of pieces of paper taped on a wall in our guest room of our home. One of my friends called it the 'crazy room'.  From 'crazy room' to reality, these pieces still ring true to our initial vision for Canvas Interiors. 

First loves:

Julia white leather bed // Perle pendants (these are the last ones!)

Ledoux  4' tall finials // Marakesh floor mirror (that shot was taken  in 2011 as we were just unpacking things) // Baldwin chair

this whole set up: 

The links above will take you directly to each item, or you can cruise the Canvas Interiors site and browse around our collections.  And the links below will take you to Instagram which is where I am having loads of fun lately. 

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