One of the things I love doing is cooking up the Canvas Interiors collections. We have fun putting them together imagining the person who might identify with each place or style we have curated. We have imagined homes in different parts of the world to spark your imagination for your own home. 

Today I will take you to Harbour Island which is near and dear to us. Mr. K. and I got hitched there, we visit yearly and feel rather happy when we do. We took S and XS last summer and are doing the same this summer. They have not stopped talking about it. It affected them just the way I hoped it would. There is a spirit there that speaks to us, and now to our littles. It is an island with an eclectic, understated and creative vibe that takes some time to unfold. Its gentle elegance is very special.  

Here are a few pieces from our Harbour Island collection. We define these pieces as relaxed, a touch global, a touch exotic, and a touch elegant. They all meet nicely with a slipcovered sofa or two and a sisal rug

clockwise from upper right: chandelier // pillows // hurricane // cabinet // console table 

clockwise from upper right: bar cabinet // bed // pillows // dresser // cloud art // ottoman // mirrored tray (with India's book of course) outdoor sofa (works well indoors too)

You can find all of these items on our website and search other collections as well. Hope you have enjoyed the little trip to the Bahamas. Perhaps next week we will go to Belgium?

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