It is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to Thayer Gowdy's new wedding photography site.

Thayer shoots for big brands and national publications and her work is lovely. The interesting thing about Thayer is that as her career has taken off and she achieves great commercial success, she continues to shoot weddings. Trust me when I say, a lot of photographers start out shooting weddings and as they get more successful commercially... never look back. 

Just the opposite with Thayer. She has just launched a new wedding photography site and if you are planning a wedding you absolutely have to look at it. Her work is so beautiful. So natural. And I can say from personal experience she is super nice and highly creative. If you are looking for an editorial style to your wedding photos take some time to look through Thayer's new site.  It is simply gorgeous. 

The site is well organized which is a huge help when the task of picking a photographer lands amidst all the other planning you are doing for your wedding.  It is organized  by type of wedding (beachy, lush, summery, woodsy) or if you prefer you can view by wedding event. It is so inspiring to look at it makes me want to marry Mr. K all over again. Hmmm... 10 year vow renewal back in Harbour Island? I'm starting to think that is a lovely idea.

Thayer, you available April 2015?

see Thayer Gowdy's new wedding site here

all images by Thayer Gowdy

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