During the holiday or New Years card frenzy you have no doubt looked at minted for their unique and beautifully designed cards.  If you have had a bambino or hosted a baby shower you have probably looked at their special birth announcements and baby shower invites too.

Minted curates beautiful designs from a global community of independent artists. Their philosophy and business model supports and celebrates the independent creatives of the world which is rather cool. I am usually on a focused mission to get the holiday card thing done but when you dig deeper on the site there is a lot to see. 

Here are a few things I love about minted that I didn't have the time to really absorb during holiday card frenzy time:

personalizable photo backdrops, banners and other party accessories

We did a photo booth for our multi-family adults/kids New Years Eve party and next year I will definitely be ordering one of these customizable backdrops for 2015. I so wanted to make gold banners  like this for New Years but I am not the most hands on craft person. With that in mind, check out the Valentines party kit.

art prints

Find unique prints and see them in context on a wall, or next to a human being. This is SO helpful. We lived with a giant taped together piece of paper on our dining room wall to help us decide if we wanted one large piece or a gallery wall of smaller collected pieces.  We decided to go for the gallery wall and I will be adding this one to it. Its called Dirty Chevron.

Here are a few more I have my eye on that would mix well with other genres on the dining room gallery wall:

1 // 2 // 3 

On a philanthropic note, minted supports Every Mother Counts.  A very heartwarming cause founded by Christy Turlington.

All in all minted is a feel good place to spend a little time.

*sponsored by minted, all of it my own original content and opinion

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