I live in a household of boys. I love pink. Thankfully Small K (age 8 boy) loves pink too. He asks me to buy him pink shirts. His idol at school wears pink bermuda shorts. This month he wanted a skateboard birthday cake and asked the baker if he could have pink icing at each end of the skateboard. She looked at him sideways and said 'are you sure you want pink?'  I was so proud of my skateboarding cool dude kid who is boy enough to love pink. The baker quickly got my message that this kid is cool and if he wants pink he'll have pink thankyouverymuch.  

As for me,  I get it wherever I can.  Beach bags, wallets, blankets, clothes, journals, you name it if it is something I am buying for myself I find a little girly pink.

find the ring here and the jacket here

pink pink and more pink...

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