I have been noticing some covetables in the Sugar Mill Trading Co.'s Facebook feed lately. And I always love a little India in my inbox. Her writing is so refreshing in a sea of online chatter. Her posts always make me smile, especially the funny note about ntandy's belts which can now be found on her site (go ntandy & MF!).

Seeing both of these bits of communication in one day prompted me to send a quick email to the lovely Linda Griffin to see what their favorites are right now.

Co-owned by Linda Griffin and India Hicks, The Sugar Mill is my first stop once my feet hit the ground in Harbour Island. The store has such a special charm, a true reflection of the women who own it.  

This is the list... India and Linda's current favorites:

The website India is a well edited collection of things from The Sugar Mill and more of India's jewelry line, bedding line and other treasures.

Here are a few of my favorites:

If you are new to the blog you can read more about Linda, India and their friendship/partnership here.

Thanks ladies! Wish I could kick off my shoes and shop in person.

stole // necklace // blouse available in store only **// striped top //
ntandy belts // sparkly top // budhha case

**the store is happy to ship or send back to the US with someone


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