Pendulum swing from the warm sun of Harbour Island. Lets talk about coats. 

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For someone who prefers living in a warm climate and is freezing when the temps drop below 70, I have a slight obsession with coats.  I grew up in Toronto, where the freezing cold winter was a way of life and coats were the comfort, the staple. But they had to be cool. Big requirement by the time I got to high school.

This image above took me back to the winters when I borrowed a tweed car coat of my Dads and wore to school every day with my uniform (kilt, tie the whole shebang), black oxfords and felt very 80's new wave cool. The coat came down well below my knees and engulfed me and I loved it. Walking through the streets of downtown Toronto going out for coffee with my friends after school in cool downtown coffee shops (The Fiesta cafe anyone?) that coat was my favorite.

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