Hello! We are back from our 'run away from home' long weekend and I thought I'd pop in with a few new favs from Canvas Interiors. And by pop I mean pop... major catching up to do, one little person home sick (XS), trying to throw dinner together and keep S and XS from eating cereal out of the box like ravenous animals while I throw dinner together.  

Lets jump right in shall we?  

clockwise from top left:

The delightfully beautiful Cassandra chandelier - so stunning.  

Did I tell you we have a new custom bed program

I keep shooting pictures of this setting - it is so nicely styled and I love the Renaissance cloverleaf mirror.  The Magnolia lamp sits nicely in any setting without taking up too much visual space.  And my absolute favorite Briland chandelier is reflected in the background.

These Cathedral candlesticks add a touch of patina to your home - an easy way to add texture without a huge commitment. With the holidays coming we will be talking a lot more about candles and other quick fixes to add twinkle. Get a head start by checking these out. 

Thanks for checking in today!  I finally have a post up at 5:45 pm that I have been trying to get to since 8am. Wow. Hopefully the dust will settle tomorrow and I'll have a bit more time to play in blogland. 


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