Hi there!  If you are checking in after my little break last week - thanks for coming back!  
It was a nice respite and I'm easing back into the schedule with today's


1.  I am in love with a sofa. We put it on the floor at Canvas Interiors and one arrived to our living room last week - it changes the whole room. Casual elegant and relaxed. Sink in.

2.  Love this idea on refinery 29 - pairing an outfit with the vibe of a restaurant. And this restaurant, Little Beast (in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of LA) happens to be fabulous, delicious and owned by two very talented people. Husband and wife team, Chef Sean Lowenthal (former sous chef at Chateau Marmont) and Deb Schwartz-Lowenthal, (photographer's agent and owner of DSREPS)  have a good thing going. 
3.  I need to empty my closet and reorganize from top to bottom. I keep trying to shift little things around to have it make more sense and its not working.  I want to blow it up. In lieu of that, Cupcakes and Cashmere's Emily spells it our for us with great pics. Investing in hangers is starting to make sense after looking at this post. 

4.  I am very interested in trying this line, Earth Tu Face.  I just love the 'wild crafted' part. Created by two herbalists in California, this line looks really interesting. They have a really clear glossary of ingredients and what they do which takes the mystery out of it.  Simple, clean and clear.  Just the way I like it.  

5.  This Madewell outfit is working for me - love the silk peplum. Comfy for a casual 'dressed up" look. 


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