Hello and thanks for stopping by!

So I've decided to take a little break to refresh, recharge and regroup.  I don't want to get to the point where I am struggling to post something wonderfully creative and inspiring on Monday mornings.  I am feeling that way today and that tells me that after a couple of years of doing this bliggidy blog thing, I need a little break. I curate this space from the heart and I hope that is what keeps it interesting for you. So off I go for a little unstructured time in the mornings to exercise, catch up on other things, and hopefully create some space in my head for refreshing and fun things to explore. 

If you feel like looking around while you are here, I'd be honored if you did. You can find things in the sidebar to read, or check out Canvas Interiors to see what's new in the store.  

see you soon,


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