Hello!  I hope you are having fun discovering things in this series:


1.  I am on the hunt for a vintage inspired cocktail dress. This one is real (as in old) and sold on 1st dibs but it is fueling my desire to find one. 

2.  This console table is a crazy good price at canvas interiors - on sale for $299 and look at image #4, can't you just see it? I found image #4 first, which then sent me on an 'if I were furniture shopping' exercise to our site.  Thought I'd share the results. 

3.  On the hunt for a coated black jean that is just right. Not too tight, not too shiny, not to expensive, and not too fake looking.  Wish me luck.  Maybe this one?

4. I love the crisp white and grey feeling in this room, which inspired me to dig up image #2 from the store.  With a little inspiration and the right resources you can style a pretty fabulous room. 

5. These two women are such a creative duo, I love checking in on their collaborations.  Check out Ann Street Studio and Kelly Framel's latest work together. 



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