I just have to share the new addition to the family. No, not a puppy or a fish or a turtle. I awoke to two very large delivery guys in our house at 6:45am (huh?!) delivering our new... dining table. To be perfectly transparent here - we have lived in this house for 3 years and not had a dining table in our 'salon'.  Something about the shoemakers children ???? We had to find the perfect one that we both loved and this was one area we struggled with until we decided on this one. And now we are both gushing with happiness. 

After the dust settled and the littles were whisked to school, Mr. K and I sat like proud parents staring at it with our coffee.  Had to share a few snaps:

These chairs are on their way...

 ...and I have my eye on a giant piece of art for the wall.  

We waited a long time to find just the right thing for the salon. She's here and she's gorgeous. 



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