I have been studying rooflines lately. We are planning an addition on the back of our house and we have slightly complicated rooflines. So I went on a little Pinterest journey and found not just rooflines but exquisite interiors.

Here is how it started: I came across this image from Sawyer Berson on Pinterest 
(via Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita)

 ...and dug in further hoping to find an example of what we could do for our breakfast room addition off the back of our house.

What I found was and endless treasure trove of eye candy from the incredibly talented Sawyer Berson. This architectural, landscape architecture and interior design firm has been well published and works in various styles, each one perfectly curated. You can see from the front door to the back yard, the look of their design aesthetic is seamless and impactful. 

I proceeded to dig further through their site, grab Mr. K and make him look at it with me as he nodded quietly (that's a good thing).

 (bonus image: this is exactly what we are looking to add to our kitchen area)

What started as a roofline journey brought me to interiors where I found not only an image of the breakfast nook we are trying to create, but a whole Canvas Interiors feel-good moment. 

I love the look and feel of these interiors - they exemplify the core concept of what we created with the store. Easy, well curated, washable, elegant. Sunny, light, white and lots of sisal. I even see a few things we carry in the store in these interiors which tickles me. It is this vibe that I saw in my head when Mr. K and I first started talking about the concept of store and I created a gagillion moodboards of the look and feel. The boards still sit in the back office of the store and get referred to from time to time. A wonderful journey from rooflines to moodboards. Thank you Sawyer Berson for this enjoyable ride. 

You can see more of Sawyer Berson's amazing work here

ps: wondering what the item is that I spotted?  It's here

all images Sawyer Berson


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