As I'm sure you have seen, moto is everywhere.  I've talked about the jackets recently, but today its on to the boots. I have long had a pair of moto boots that I wore pretty much daily in SF with skirts and tights, or cuffed jeans. They have been sitting in the back of my closet for a few years and I am happy to bring them out this fall. I spent more than I usually would on this pair of boots but here is where it pays off. I wore them day in and day out in SF, they are still in great shape and about to get a second run.

I am really picky about the moto thing - there are so many versions to choose from but a lot of them a tad over the top for my taste. So I've tried to curate a few here that are a simple (canvasstyle) version of the trend.  Clean lines, not too wide and clunky, not too much bling.

Here is a selection for you and I will warn you most of them are spendy. This is one category where I try my best to find the 'score' but I vote for splurge here, score on the jacket.

Happy Monday and happy shopping!


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