totally random Tuesday

I come across many things that inspire, excite or intrigue me. It usually happens over the weekend when I look at magazines, reflect on things in the store I may have photographed the week prior, or come across a great sale. So I'm trying a new approach to putting all of this randomness together in a new series called 

Totally Random Tuesday

I approach creating the blog as an editor.  Bringing together bits and pieces so you don't have to hunt it all down. Hopefully this series will enhance my editorial approach and give you a quick snapshot of a wider variety of totally random things. I will get my collage making fix and hopefully you will get some fresh ideas, inspiration or resources.

Randomness: (clockwise from top left)

1. loving the new issue of est magazine as mentioned yesterday
2. this 'Etoile' mirrored star from canvas interiors  is an easy way to add a little sparkle to a room
3. really embracing the track pant trend this fall and these are just about perfect
4. glamping is the way to go
5. still can't get enough of Sundry so had to include a pretty picture because i liked it in the collage


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