easy breezy: palazzo pants

We spent some time at the beach this weekend. The first real beach weather of the season and the perfect time to pull out a few favs for the weekend bag. The top of the favorite list is a pair of navy blue slouchy linen pants I bought near the end of last summer... I am so happy to be in them as I write this.

I wasn't sure how much I would wear them last year. They are a mental shift from skinny jeans that we have been living in. I must say, the breezy comfort of a wider leg linen pant like this makes me relax a little and walk a little slower.  Pair with a simple white T or tank - I highly recommend them.

This pantsuit version stopped me in my tracks...
same brand as the black dress I am obsessing about here.
this one from SWELL

Here are a few of my favorites from this season. Whether simple white or a tad boho with a tiny print, these were an experiment for me last summer and a must-have going into this summer.

Happy Tuesday and happy shopping! 

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