itty bitty rings

While I am still a fan of the chunky watch and arm candy look, I feel a slight shift in my summer accessories is on the horizon.  I am captivated by images of itty bitty gold rings and delicate bracelets.  

Catbird seems to be leading the way in this area for me.  Fashion bloggers love them, credit them in many a post.  I've been keeping my eye on this style for a while now and then this totally caught my eye:
So I've now gone from passive admirer to active shopper.  I am loving this look for summer. 

Here are a few more itty bitty's from catbird:

These sweet little goodies are a perfect accessory for summer. 
Check out catbird's site here .
These little rings are well priced and look good stacked or solo. 
I haven't even told you about the horseshoe bracelet I'm coveting.

now, which one to start with...

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