dreamy penthouse

Look at this sublime picture:

found on the lovely blog  Georgiana Design
I immediately started searching for more images and the story of this penthouse. 

54 Bond St. was built in 1874 as the Bond St. Savings Bank. A few banks came and went from this address and then it was used as a fabric storage facility until 1963 when the Bouwerie Lane Theater  opened its doors.  Purchased in 2007 by Adam Gordon, it has now been reborn as 3 condo units, gutted and redesigned by Steven Harris. (the word 'condo' seems kind of silly doesn't it?)

The top 3 floors of the building comprise the 4,863 sf 3 story penthouse.  

So how is that for dreamy real estate? 
It sold for $13.5 million two years ago.
Makes me want to bleach our hardwood floors and get out the white paint.  
Maybe it'll feel the same?  

images found: here and here

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