Saturday at canvas interiors

We here Chez K are on the mend including two little ones with big giant colds.  Mr. K is up and hobbling after knee surgery. So we hobbled to the store Saturday and I snapped a few pics of new things on the floor.  I almost squeaked with delight when I saw this metal cabinet.  I covet.

There is also a rectangular one in a space we call 'manvas'... 
our more cozy man-den done the canvas interiors way

The Briland chandelier... big beautiful and romantic. It would look great just about anywhere. 

a closer shot...

This mirror is huge and unique.  A must see in person if you are reading locally.

the new Loot Jewelry display looks perfect - we are so excited to carry it! 

a little holiday decorating canvas-style

As always, if you see something you like feel free to contact the store at 
and our lovely staff will be happy to help you. 

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