saturday at canvas

I popped in for a quick visit to the store Saturday and thought I would share here.  

I know I keep saying this but we are really close to launching the website. So if you like what you see it will be just a click away soon.  We have had two shoots with our talented friend Annie Vanacore and are excited to present our first two collections.  We want to make it look its best and are super close to pulling it all together.  

great little work bins for magazines, bills, tools

 a beautiful tray and bedding... 

comfy chair and giant wooden urn

 our most popular table... clean lines, reclaimed wood and leaves

little goodies and a bit of sparkle

 more little goodies

 a few samples of a new line of pillows we have on order and we are so excited! 
More on this fabulous artist soon... 

beautiful gray and crisp white

apple green and white for a crisp snap of color

 great comfy sofa and love seat... cushy and cozy

We have a few new big things coming in which will create a need to shift things around on the floor.  I am kind of excited to see the floor with fresh eyes and make some big changes.  A new sofa style and an oval dining table are about to be added to the mix among other things.

One of my favorite things to do in my tiny SF apartment 
was to move the furniture around.  
Thankfully my downstairs neighbors were friends.  
No downstairs neighbors at canvas interiors :)  

images: canvasstyle ©

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