A few of you (you know who you are) have walked endless aisles with me at flea markets looking for another piece of white McCoy or McCoy-ish pottery.  I used to go to flea markets so often (Rose Bowl anyone?) that I had to challenge myself to collect one thing and one thing only so I wouldn't bust out of my little single girl apartments.  

It started with furniture. I moved to LA after college with a toaster and some clothes. I needed a dresser, bed and then some. Which I hauled home from flea markets with my friend Sariah weekend after weekend in the back of her Montero.  I then bought a Pathfinder with my twenty-something hard earned  money so I could haul flea market finds home with ease.

Fast forward many years later and I have slowed down on the flea frequency but not my giddy little smile when I happen upon a piece for my collection.  

my new category for the store... milk glass

I am excited for a new challenge! 

surprise, these look like our kitchen shelves...

simple white dishes make a graphic statement

and these are a few of my sweet little finds 

this is a little inspiration for you...

...to curate your own collection

Finding new things in the same genre is kind of like 
putting old and new friends together. 
It always works. 

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