dreaming of: the list

Home today with a cold and pesky cough so I thought I would indulge in a little planning for summer weekends.   It is a good feeling to clean out the closet which Mr. K and I did last weekend.  Now its time to edit one more time... what did I love last summer? What did I skip wearing?  Is there any more that could go in the donate/consignment bag?  Probably.  

In the meantime, my imaginary beach weekend packing list is shaping up...

after a long beach day, a little moisture on the lips always feels nice

I love the smell of this protective spray for the locks

 a little easy to pack dress for a casual night out 

a soft maxi dress for an afternoon cocktail 

this j. crew bikini  is at the top of my list to order 

and a j. crew soft tunic and slouchy shorts - comfortable and cool

now all I need is a little of this:

heavy sigh.  cough. 

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