thursday at canvas

Last Thursday night was the launch party for canvas interiors.  It was a night filled with laughter and a lot of amazing people.

One recurring theme I noticed in the images - people are touching all of the textures in the store.  Tone and texture are a big part of the mix.  It is exciting and heartwarming to see people exploring this idea.

Thank you all for attending the launch party and making it a truly special night.

come on in...

champagne girls

lots of laughs

comfy and happy

the music set the mood

while people explored canvas...

these lovely ladies found a good spot to chat

It is hard to believe a week has flown by already.  We have been to the Las Vegas Furniture Market and back since the party.   I will share a few pictures of the Vegas adventure next week.  
Thank you for taking a peek at the launch! 


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