totally random: stripes

The Breton Stripe - we all know the story of the French sailors and Coco Chanel.

Today the look holds a classic yet hip place in fashion history. For me, it is the combo of playful and chic that works.  If I am in a hurry, I put a little Breton stripe on with my Aviators and ballet flats and feel immediately at ease. Dress it up with a skirt, stay casual with the boyfriend roll-ups, or a tad edgy with a black skinny pant and some kitten heels.

I love the way these ladies rock the stripes. Some girly, some tom boy, some classic.

These two girls are impossibly cute.  If you are reading this Marcy R. U., the girl on the left is your twin and I could totally see you in this outfit.

love the boots

love the thrown together feel of this

        ....  and of course Kate can do no wrong

Someday soon I will do a Breton Stripe shopping list and post that.

Today however its walking walking walking at the Las Vegas World Market Center looking for new goodies for canvas with Mr. K.  An update on this adventure coming soon.

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