a dash of rosemary

Cruising around Pinterest I found this image of a fabulous kitchen in Rosemary Beach.  It is light, bright and visually interesting ... not a lot of clutter. I love the giant windows in place of cupboards.

Upon further digging I found the MLS listing and other images on the blog 

I continued to fall further in love with the place and started seeing many things we carry in canvas interiors.  It is exciting to see these things staged in a beautiful home.  It embodies canvas style to a T.  Light, bright, airy and comfortable. Not a lot of fuss, but plenty of beauty and luxury.

a bold entryway

I love windows in a kitchen

great light, white and functional

a cozy sunroom 

love the tone-on-tone and texture and open dining/living room

comfy sitting room 

guest house fitted to perfection

nice use of space for sitting and dining

great scale and texture on the basket trunk

nook with interesting door

At first I thought this home might be available to rent and got all excited.  Then I read that Beach Bright's Mom might have purchased it.  Lucky lady!
 Looks like home to me. 

images courtesy of: Beach Brights

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