Alys in wonderland

Lets take a virtual trip to Alys Beach shall we?

Developed on the principles of 'New Urbanism' it offers a sense of community in a beachy lifestyle.  Interestingly, the very thing that sounded so 'Truman Show' to me, is lulling me into a desire for a beach vacation there.  I lived on the West Coast for 20 years and the beach was an organic experience ... the words  'planned community' sounded foreign.

Now in Central Florida with beaches east and west of me (but not right out my door anymore),  I am curious about experiencing a different kind of beach vacation that includes not only the beach right outside my door, but amenities - a place to walk or bike ride with the kids for ice cream after dinner.

The architecture appeals to my desire for clean lines and not a lot of fuss.  Of course I am attracted to the white.  Its a little bit Greek Islands meets the Caribbean.  Two of my favorite places.

The idea of opening a door into a courtyard and seeing calming water is very appealing to me.   The yards are not huge, but when you have the beach right outside your door it seems you would not need a huge yard.  Instead, you come home from a hot beachy day and take a little plunge here...

It seems there are rooftop decks and interior courtyards behind every door.  I love the idea of your own sanctuary behind the hustle and flow of life.

These images  below are from a great book called 30-A Style shot by Jean Allsop.  It is a book I have been wanting to carry in the store so I think its time to order!

After dipping in your plunge pool, rest here a while.  Read, snooze, have a cold glass of something.  

The sand is powder-fine like the Caribbean
and seeing a West Coast sunset always makes my compass happy.

All in all I think we need to put it on the list of next stops.  

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