design duo

The first time I saw this room

I took one short quick breath and dropped the mouse.  It was what I had envisioned our living room to look like in the house we were planning to build.  We have since bought a house instead of building but this dream room still speaks to me.

About 2 years later, while concepting the vibe of the new store, this image resurfaced in my research and again, resonated with me.  It is the embodiment of all things canvas:

clean lines, uncluttered, relaxed, white, light, restrained yet comfortable.   

The husband and wife design team of Atelier AM created an amazing environment for their clients. It is one of my all time favorites and the quality of light in the house makes me long for the western sky.  

Our vision is to bring a bit of that magic to canvas.  

found:  Veranda


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