Well hello old friend!  So nice to see you.  I have taken a nice long break from blogging to recharge and experience life without being attached to my computer. It feels good to be back with a fresh perspective. 

The last little while has been a whirlwind filled with new experiences and old friends. Our event last week at Canvas Interiors was an intersection of all of those things. 

We hosted the ever delightful India Hicks and Linda Griffin of The Sugar Mill. They brought gorgeous fall fashion to Canvas Interiors and of course we added the latest from the India Hicks lifestyle collection to the mix. 

An old high school friend of Mr. K's who conveniently owns a distillery, designed a specialty welcome drink called 'The Sugar Mill' with their Dog Island Rum. How great is that? Serving two locals from the Bahamas a local Florida rum.

The clothes were beautiful, the IH collection was a hit and I had the most wonderful time being in the middle of all that goodness.

It was one of those nights that truly fills me with gratitude and happiness. Gratitude for the wonderful friends in our life and happiness that we get to celebrate with them.  

The Sugar Mill cocktail: 
2 sprigs mint
1 part Dog Island Silver Rum
1 splash Elderflower liqueur
1 part apple juice
1 part tonic

Serve over ice w a fancy straw.

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