In our vernacular at Canvas Interiors, we believe style comes from putting things together that come from different times and places. Collections evolve as you do which is why we like to deconstruct a look and reconstruct it with our Canvas Interiors vibe in mind. And then I run off to a flea market and find vintage bits to use for display to add a bit of history and authenticity to our mix (oh Rose Bowl Flea Market how I miss you).  

So when the talented folks at Chairish  reached out to me and asked if I would pick a vintage armoire of theirs and style the top of it I said yes, yay, ok sure! I used accessories from our Canvas Interiors collection and do believe that it is a fabulous mix of old and new.

1. Add one bold statement piece.

Drake dragon root sculpture

2. Layer in a little romance and rustic charm. Use items of different heights and finishes. Wood, rusted iron, a piece of art leaning on the wall as a backdrop. 

3. Glam it up with gold hurricanes. Group them together for high impact.

4. Make it dramatic with black and white photography leaning on the wall. Add a collection of smaller items in front like books wrapped in white paper or your milk glass collection. 

- Drew Doggett fine art photography (available in many sizes and framing options)

I have an old gentleman's armoire I bought at the Rose Bowl flea market many years ago. I proudly displayed my budding white McCoy pottery collection on it.  It moved with me from LA to SF and now resides in our guest room in FL. Not only does it serve a purpose for our guests but it looks great with a few stylish items on top.

Thank you Chairish for the opportunity to play with you!

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