It is no secret here on this blog that Harbour Island is a special place for Mr. K and I. We got married there 10 years ago and go back yearly.  Why Harbour Island you ask?  I can't explain it. I just knew it was where we needed to wed.  I had never been there, was reading about it from my kitchen table in San Francisco and planned the wedding from afar. The first time I set foot on the island was with my wedding dress in hand 10 days before our wedding. I was calm. Happy. Totally content. Thank goodness Mr. K is easy going and game.

I'm feeling nostalgic since our 10 year anniversary was last week so here is a peek from the pink sand nuptials.

It was only after our wedding that I put two and two together and realized that the lovely India Hicks called Harbour Island her home.  

Over time we uncovered threads that made me feel more connected to the island. Kids on the island who went to my tiny private school in Toronto. An old friend from said school owns a home on the island. Did not know that until years after visiting the island and reconnecting with her on good old Facebook. We have met wonderful new friends there who we will see again this summer. Layers of my past and future all coming together on a Bahamian beach. 

So it makes sense then, that we circle back years later to offer India Hicks' new lifestyle line in Canvas Interiors.

When we opened Canvas Interiors the first book we stocked was India's Island Life and we peppered the store with Briland shells we have brought home over the years. There is an authentic thread of this island that runs through our history as a couple and a great part of what inspires our Canvas Interiors style. One of our collections is named after Harbour Island and a few pieces in the collection have special names of things we love  there.

Some time ago I reached out to India to see what new business she was teasing us with on Instagram. In March we were delighted to host her at Canvas Interiors for a launch party  of her new India Hicks lifestyle collection.

Today we are hosting an India Hicks Island Escape pop-up-shop in our Winter Park Location and introducing a few new pieces in her collection. We will have the products in-store (only in-store, not on our website) for 2 weeks after each party and then pop up from time to time again when a group of new products are released.  It should be a fun way to have a few parties and we are excited to continue the feeling of creativity and camaraderie that India brought to our lunch.

Here are my personal favorites from the collection:

We just got back from San Francisco (celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss) and I had all of these items with me. The scarf is a divine cozy piece on an airplane, the beetle bag was perfect for all of my cords/headphones/chargers in my carry on, the perfume roller ball made airplane travel smell better and the Love Token reminded Mr. K who's boss. Happy Anniversary honey! 

*see and shop the: India Hicks collection and feel free to email me with any questions*

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