I took a whirlwind trip to my favorite quick fix stores (H & M, F21) and as I was headed out the door (empty handed I might add) I spotted an intriguing new vibe in the Urban Outfitters window display. I have been a fan of this brand since it launched but I must admit as I progressed in years, they seemed to be trending younger. 

But there seems to be change in the wind at UO.  Enough of a change to make me stop and check it out. The window displays were open, uncluttered, welcoming and 'still'.  The music playing was mellow and inviting. The clothes were soft and feminine.  I rather liked it. And I rather loved this dress.  So I sort of bought it.

Here are a few more of my picks for summer.  I really like the direction they are headed and hope to see more of it for fall.  


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