Must be the grey weather we are having but I just enjoyed a very lovely and soothing visual journey of pink. I took a little trip on Minted and bought an art print... this one to be exact. 

It was just so calm. Had to have it. Then I decided I am missing my Cali roots so I threw this one in the cart too. 

I collected a few more pink moments for you and mushed them all together to give you a little warm bath of pink.

note: each one of these is an individual piece and I curated them in pairs

You can find these and many other beautiful pieces by going to the Minted Art Marketplace.  Expand the filter choices and search away. There are an abundant number of size and framing choices allowing for anything from an affordable little art treat to a large statement piece. 

I simply clicked 'pink' as a filter choice and found these lovely gems.  If you like the foil map above and want to see others, expand the filter choices and under 'type' click 'foil pressed'.  Happy hunting! 

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