This is the time of year where life speeds up and I want to slow down. Which is hard to do when holiday travel, a new Canvas Interiors store opening and the blogwaves collide.

This blog truly is a daily journal. I don't have a huge editorial calendar on the wall with a content plan mapped out. I get up in the morning and most weeks just blog about what I am feeling that day or what I have experienced (like freaking myself out by buying a backpack).  

This blog is an organic expression of my style and my and visual nature. It is a space that just kind of happens. So I do hope you will understand if I take a break and enjoy the holidays free of the deadlines I place on myself. It is a very difficult thing to do - to step away for a couple of weeks. But something I need to do to fully engage with my kids and be Mom-without-a-deadline. 

All I can hope is that by taking a break I come back in the new year refreshed and creatively inspired and that you come back and hang out with me. 

In the meantime I thank you so much for reading. It truly is a pleasure to create and play in this space and I appreciate your time and interest.

I hope you get to embrace and enjoy the simple pleasures this holiday season.  It is one of my goals and the main reason I am taking a little holiday break from the blogwaves.  Take the time to breath and see the little moments.  I will be working on that each day. 

I will be hanging out in Copenhagen and on Instagram so if you are curious as to what the holidays look like there, follow along.  I hope to see you!


Wishing you a beautiful holiday season. 


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