With all this talk of shopping you must think it is all I do. Which really is not the case. When it comes to clothes shopping I fully admit I am determined, slightly obsessed at times, very directed and nimble. I know exactly what I am looking for and search for it until I find it. And I love sharing that with you - I figure I've done miles of legwork maybe I can make it easy for you.

Whether it be my favorite pants from Forever 21 or my 'splurge' boots from last fall I am truly happy when I find just the right thing. Retail therapy? Yes indeedy.  

When it comes to furniture it is a much bigger commitment. We understand that and have built Canvas Interiors with that in mind. It is how Mr. K and I have built our home together. Purposefully and with intent. To that end, we edit the Canvas Interiors collection carefully and stay true to our core belief.  If you start with a simple canvas you can create a life of style.

For fall we love these cozy throws and pillows. We like to call this our 'creamy dreamy' laid back lux look:

We've added some drama with black accents and a few sparkly bits this season. You can mix it all together for a look that is your own. Creamy dreamy meets sparkle. 

Put our Empire Chandelier over a distressed wood dining table or in your bedroom.  Play a little, break the rules. 

You can see our entire collection here 

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