This year's trip to Harbour Island was a whirlwind of activity including stopping in to a few old favorites and discovering a couple of new ones. 

Dinner at the Dunmore was absolutely delicious. Of course Mr. K. and I get a little nostalgic when we are there as we remember our I Do's. After being sappy for a minute we enjoyed a delicious meal.

The Landing was as always, a cozy and comforting stop for a drink and a good sit-down with friends in the bar. I decided at 9:30pm as they were closing the kitchen that I could not leave with out eating the grilled lobster and they happily made it. Which I happily devoured sitting at said bar.

Da Vine Wine Merchants is a new wine bar and store designed beautifully with grasscloth wallpaper and stunning wood everywhere. Expertly merchandised by Linda Griffin of The Sugar Mill fame it is most impressive. Cozy and inviting, stop in here for a glass of wine or a few bottles to go. We did both. More than once.  

image #2: Davine wine

The expertise of Captain Bob (GM) Linda Griffin (Design/Merchandising) Alexander and Jennifer Alexiou (IT/Research & Design) Paul King (Buyer) and Rita Miller (Photography/Sommelier) have come together nicely. A perfect mix of casual and elegant, it is an ideal spot for a cold glass of something after a beach day. An impressive choice of wine, champagne and artisanal spirits means there is something for everyone. And we loved the friendly staff.  :)

Bahamas Coffee Roasters was a nice new surprise. Locally roasted coffee, organic ingredients, great vibe and soon to come cold pressed juice.  We had a delicious lunch and a nice big outdoor area makes a good stop for either coffee in the morning or an afternoon bite. And what I believe to be the first 'food truck' on the island ... the mobile Daiquiri bar was a treat.

Bahamas Coffee Roasters // Daiquiri bar // Queen Conch

The lovely ladies at Queen Conch made lunch a special adventure for our kids. Our two youngest guests (age 6) sat at the bar and watched them prepare food. When we left the kids told us the ladies had made them their 'security guards'.  Fun memories for our littles. A big new covered deck made it all the more fabulous. I love watching this place succeed and thrive over the years. 

The Blue Rooster, Pink Sands hotel boutique and Miss Mae's are always a pleasure. I always find a little something at one, two or all 3 of these stores.

Blue Rooster // Pink Sands boutique // Miss Mae's

I'll be back soon with a little more on this special place and then I'll stop. Until next year. 

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