Today we take a little trip to Malibu. Welcome to my imaginary beach house. I'm guessing you may know by now as I talk about California a lot... I lived in LA for 10 years, SF for 10 years. I no doubt have an active fantasy of heading back up (or down depending on which decade we're talking about) PCH with my kids and Mr. K happily pulling in to our summer rental: a Malibu beach house.  

Again, this is pure fantasy but one can dream right? Picture endless windows, expanse of blue ocean greeting you from the front door. Lots of white mixed with earth tones and laid back luxury. Inspiration for Canvas Interiors comes from my 20 years living in California, having escaped cold winters in Toronto. Light, airy, breezy and casual is how I roll. 

Here is my latest mood board for our Malibu Collection, found here on Canvas Interiors:

Indoor/outdoor living, large coffee tables for books, drinks and sandy feet.  Natural fibers, light wood and giant sink-in sofas all make for the perfect scenario. 


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