After a huge push for the past 30 days to help my nephew Ryan and The Race to Yes, I felt the need to wander aimlessly at the mall. I find it therapeutic after being home immersed in social media for 30 straight days.  Some might exercise, some might read a book. I however, go to the mall and wander for a couple of hours.

In this particular mall you can browse everything from Jimmy Choo to Forever 21 which is just how I like it. Here's what I ended up wandering around thinking about: how to deconstruct Coachella Festival style for those of us who are not 21.

I wandered in and out of Anthropology, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 knowing that with a few tweeks this look is something I am loving right now, just not head to toe. 

Here is how I would do it: pick one item at a time and make it your own.

pair a kimono with simple black or white basics

Its easy breezy and adds a little something new to my usual uniform.  
I am stalking the one on the left...here are more just incase you are feeling a little festival style.

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