We are gearing up for painting the exterior of our house starting today.  It is currently a gold tone, we are taking the whole palette of the house inside and out to more of a gray/griege feel.  So excited to get this rolling (sorry, couldn't resist the bad pun).

I have been slightly obsessed with this house for a while now. This is very similar to the shape and architectural tone of ours. Peter Block is the architect behind this and many other beautiful homes.

I have blogged about this house before, the amazingly talented Beth Webb has created a gorgeous interior world inside these walls. You can see more of the interiors in Atlanta Homes Magazine or on Beth's site

I dove in to Peter Block's site to get more exterior inspiration and found another home I have blogged about before. I was drawn to the interiors of this Rosemary Beach home without digging in to who the architect was. Clearly I am very drawn to his work and didn't even know it until I dug in to threads of inspiration that all led to him. 

I highly recommend spending time on his site and reading about him and what inspires him. It is not very often I get slowed down and lulled into another world and I did on his site. It is very expressive, heartfelt and full of emotion. Truly a pleasure to read and view.  

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