My home office has been taped up and sealed off for our big painting project. And I just don't love blogging from my I'm back today, untaped and at my computer.  I have a few totally random things to share today.

#1. Exterior painting almost done!  Here is the front before (L) and after (R):

We are not all the way done and today is a rainy day so not much progress but... I am oh so joyous about the front! Shutters will go back on in the darker gray trim color you see on the dormers (which aren't quite done yet). 

#2. The home of our dear friends the Washburns who own a fabulous furniture store (which happens to house a bar), is the cover story of a new magazine, Interior Appeal. This is their dining room where they host many a fine dinner. The dining chairs are from Canvas Interiors and look perfect in their incredible home. Check out Washburn Imports here. There is always something special happening there.  

Congratulations Orange Appeal and Founder Christi Ashby on your new publication, Interior Appeal.

#3. I went to visit a new clothing store in town yesterday. In talking with the sales person I learn that she loves Canvas Interiors and has shopped at the store. I had noticed as I was browsing that they had two chandeliers and a sconce that Canvas Interiors carries. But I didn't put two and two together. In fact the store owner had purchased them from us. I love these random encounters with people who truly enjoy the store and it is always a treat to hear about it and see the pieces mixed in to all kinds of wonderful spaces. Welcome to the neighborhood SusieQ Boutique and thanks for shopping local! I will of course return the favor. Local friends check out the store - great brands like C&C, Amanda Uprichard, and more.

The Cassandra chandelier on the left can be found here, and sadly the one on the right is discontinued. We are looking for something just as beautiful to replace it.

There you have it, a totally random Tuesday.

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