I have been watching slip on sneakers for a while now. I just couldn't do the wedge sneaker thing. I rely on my Converse as you know. But now these slip on sneaks have my attention. They pop up on pinterest, they've been blogged about since last fall and I think I'm slightly obsessed. I had a very enjoyable time doing this post as I got lots of inspiration for my own wardrobe while looking at all these images. I have ordered a leopard pair and they should be arriving this week. I'll keep you posted!   

images found:  1 // 2 // 3 

images: 1 // 2 

images: 1 // 2

There are many to choose from including the original Vans and the uber expensive Celine version. I am especially drawn to the plaid ones (Celine last year) and found a version here. I included a lot below because I sort of love them all.  

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