This time of year I like to take a little virtual trip down under. There is always plenty of summer inspiration in Australia this time of year.  I know a lot of you are fa-ree-zing and have been stuck in your homes so I thought a little trip to the beaches of Australia would be nice eye candy for today.

This is either going to make you smile or cry... I'm hoping it will make you dream of happy times in warmer weather.

Here are a few Aussie blogs and magazines for you to check out
if you are looking for a little adventure today:

a beach cottage: great before and after story of updating a beach cottage, recipes and more... Shabby Chic vibe, vintage flea market finds and lots of white. 

kara rosenlund: talented beyond belief, photographer, stylist, mobile shopkeeper (check out her vintage camper).  

the design files:  almost like a mini-mag, well edited art, design, kids stuff, interviews with artists. A good read and lots of home tours. 

light home: architects weigh in on the perfect 'light home'... ie: breezy, open, airy.  Super modern vibe, sustainable ideas, tips for building a home, lots of advice and inspiration.

they all hate us:  one of my favs... fashion inspiration with a tight edit.  Easy to see why this blog is so successful..  Girly and slightly bad ass. Great combo. Had to throw this one on the list... not so much about summer beach house but perfectly cheeky if you are in need of that today. 

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