It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks and we are trying to figure out how to throw a quick no stress party somewhere between the window of 4pm Dec. 14th and 8pm Dec. 15th.  Think we can pull it off? That is how the holidays are rolling Chez K.  Our thrown together last minute parties usually end up being the most fun, the best energy.
Rather than buy a bunch of 'holiday decor' (you know what I mean) I would rather spruce up the house with glowing glittery things that can be used all year long. A few bits of sparkle, add some fresh bark or twigs or evergreen sprigs and you have a party.  

I put together a mood board for things that we have in the store that will accomplish just that. I have had my eye on that bar cart since the day it arrived. It is such a great addition to the party. The hurricanes and candles are the best bang for the buck. Nothing a little candlelight can't fix right?!

I put together a collection of a few other party-ready accessories on the Canvas Interiors website. The collection above is gold tones, warm and glowing but you could you could do a whole silver and white and mirrored thing with the other pieces I have curated on the website. Check it out here and wish me luck Chez K!


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