As we coast towards the holidays (or scramble as some of you might be feeling) I thought I would share compilations of images from the 'simple pleasures' Friday series.  

These Friday images are a reflection of how I am feeling or wish I was feeling at the end of each week. I select them 'real-time' meaning they are a true reflection of what is going on inside my little head at the time I post them.  Am I feeling calm, floaty, sassy?  Reflective, happy, peaceful?  Are XS and S fighting over a toy and I wish I was in a hammock at the beach?  Tune in Fridays to find out. 

It has been fun sharing all of my moods and moments with you this year.  I hope these images resonate with you as they have with me. 

simple pleasures: MIXTAPE #1

(all images previously credited)


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