Hi everyone.  We are working hard to keep the letter writing going. If you haven't stopped by the blog lately this is Ryan and he needs the FDA to hear us.  If you have written a letter already, thank you thank you thank you.  

If you are just tuning in...

This is my sister's youngest Ryan. My sweet nephew. Cousin to my boys.  

A simple pleasure for Ryan is jumping in the waves, or running with his brothers. 

Ryan is fighting a brave battle against Muscular Dystrophy and these simple pleasures are becoming harder for Ryan to enjoy. 

He is fighting for his life. 

The sad thing is, he's fighting the FDA.  

And I am asking for your help. 
What am I asking you to do? 

Simple: cut and paste a letter and send it to the FDA asking them to approve a drug and continue clinical trials that will help Ryan.

If you want to cut to the chase and email the FDA now, this is a letter you can simply cut and paste, with address instructions 

Simply title the email  'SAREPTA' - I did it in 1 minute. Cut, paste, send. That easy. 

If you would like to read more background about why it is so urgent that Ryan needs the FDA to hear us, you can read more about Ryan's story



more info on the issues

Thank you for your support and share share share this on Facebook if you are so inclined.  

with gratitude,


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