a house in the hills

I stumbled across this blog over the weekend and had to share. Just the title of the blog invokes sunshine and a lifestyle of easy breezy cool. Sarah Yates' blog, a house in the hills, is full of beautiful photography, fabulous style and she uses words like 'stalking' when referring to the black dress you see below. Right up my ally in a 'slightly obsessed' kind of way.  

This dairy free and raw salted honey and fig cheesecake looks divine.  
Sarah Yates makes yummy stuff, takes pretty pictures and shares the recipe. 

I ordered these joie pants last week from my 'totally random tuesday' collage. Seems Sarah likes them too.  I think I would like to be friends with Sarah.  Am I slightly obsessed?  No. Just really impressed.
Maybe someday I'll work in a selfie wearing the pants.  


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