beyond obsessed / Flynn Skye dress

I just had a truly laser-sharp-determined-beyond-obsessed moment over this dress:

image found: here

I had countless browser windows open, Tin Eye searches, Google image searches, pages and pages of 'backless striped maxi dress' searches.  I first saw it on Pinterest and finally traced it to Flynn Skye. And without a doubt without reading a word, I knew this company had to be in LA the minute I looked at the site. Yup - Venice CA.

Phew. Found it. 

Wait. Sold out in this pattern. Sugar. ( I really want to swear here but I refrain).

Where else can I find it? Free People - size Large only, shopbop, no go. Finally this morning I find one on Revolve.  But it is a medium, and I need a small. I order it anyways. Wait! I found one! A size Small!  Wooo hooo! So now I have two dresses coming. Anyone local want a size M before I return it?  

Needless to say, this is beyond slightly obsessed. I am in to official stalker territory over this dress.

Here are more Flynn Skye dresses including a couple of sources for the one I just stalked.  
It is a fun brand with a laid back floaty fresh vibe that I am loving right now. 
(and PS the size S is here)


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  1. did you end up keeping the medium? Was it big? Im on the fence if i should order a mediumm or not?


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