c. 1910 meets the Camutos

Vince Camuto and his wife Louise have restored this Long Island treasure to an elegant modern-day home.  It is  light, airy and fresh.  Tastefully done, not over the top, summer freshness mixed with classic tones, they seem to have done this old beauty justice. Grand, huge and beautiful - I love looking at these places for the sheer history of it all. Fancy parties, elegant dinners...I wish I had a time machine to attend a party here circa 1920.     

You can read much more about the history and renovation of the house in the AD article here.  These kinds of stories capture my imagination and admiration. When looking at the house in 2005 the Camutos were greeted with a gaping water damaged hole in the roof, an aged and sad warren of rooms that had been used as a dormitory... and still they saw the beauty.  Yes its massive, yes it is out of most of our wildest imaginations to afford such a thing. And yes, we can appreciate the idea and the aesthetic. Sunny, light, white, sisal, slipcovers. Ideal in my eyes whether a mansion or a beach bungalow. 

A preservation, a restoration and above all beautiful sentiment 
that what is old is a treasure. 

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